Water Conservation in Bear Valley

The good news is the lake will warm up for swimming earlier this year. The bad news is that may happen because the spillway will stop flowing soon. The lake reached capacity and started spilling on April 7, but it won’t last for long after this low snow season. To keep the lake full for recreation, we need to conserve water. Here’s how you can help.

  1. If you notice water surfacing or flowing where it shouldn’t be, please contact us through NextDoor or 209-753-2409 so we can investigate and fix quickly.

Start your conservation practice now, because by 2023 California laws will set a residential indoor use target of 55 gallons a day, per person. Also, with every meter reading, we get alerts about leaks at the service location. If we send you a leak alert email, please investigate and fix the leak as soon as possible.

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