Rates and Payment Options

As a privately owned utility, LAWC is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) which sets the service rates, quantity charges and surcharges for the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SDWSRF) loan. The current rate schedules are as follows:

LAWC New Development Fees

LAWC New Development Surcharges

LAWC Annual Service Rates

LAWC Late Fees

LAWC Fire Protection Rates


SDWSRF Surcharges

Billing Options

Monthly invoices are generated on the 1st and sent by the 5th

1. E-Bills
Reduce papers! Monthly invoices can be emailed directly to your email address of choice.  It arrives as an HTML attachment and can be viewed with any browser application.  Click HERE to sign up for e-bills!

2. Mail Delivery
The tried and true method still works and includes a green addressed remittance envelope.

3. Both!
If you need a little bit of everything, you can have it both ways.

Payment Options

Payments are due by the end of the each month

1. Payment Drop-Off
Payments may be dropped off at the LAWC office, located in Suite 109 in the Lodge on Bear Valley Road in Bear Valley. The office is open Mon-Fri from 9 am to 2 pm.

2. Mail Your Payments
The tried and true method works here too. A green addressed envelope is provided with each bill. If it can’t be found, the address is LAWC PO Box 5013 Bear Valley, CA 95223.

3. Electronic Funds Transfer
For customers who prefer not to have to write a check for their bill each month, LAWC offers electronic funds transfer (EFT) service. The EFT Service automatically deducts your utility payment from your checking account by the due date so you are never late. No additional charges are incurred. Click HERE to sign up for ACH payment.

Choose the best option for you and thanks!

Late Charges

If payment is not received by the end of each month, then a $5.00 late fee will be applied to the account and 0.80% PUC surcharge will be applied to the late fee for a total of $5.04. A notice of delinquent payment will be sent.

If payment is not received by the end of 60 days, a shut-off notice will be sent. Notice of disconnection will be posted at least 10 days prior to shut off. In order to reestablish service, a payment plan must be established with the utility.

Payment plans are available to avoid late fees and shut off.  Please contact Kimi at 209-753-2409 or info@lakealpinewater.com to make arrangements.

Written Disconnection Policy

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