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A privately owned Class D water utility serving Bear Valley, California in Alpine County. LAWC is dedicated to being the best Class D water company in California by providing drinking water of the highest quality and knowledgeable and friendly customer service.    Read More →


Recent News and Updates

Winter Ice on Bear Lake

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A friendly reminder to stay off of Bear Lake! Please do not risk your life or your equipment to the stability of the ice on Bear Lake. With the new aeration system emitting bubbles to the surface, the lake will not completely freeze over.  Stay safe and stay off!  Thank you!

RLAWC Surcharge for Intervenor Compensation

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The California Public Utilities Commission approved a second intervenor compensation reimbursement to the Ratepayers of Lake Alpine Water Company for their protest of the application of ownership by the Aspen Forest Investment Company, LLC. There will be a surcharge on monthly invoices for January - April of 2017. For the detailed customer notice, please click here.

Revised SDW Surcharges

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This customer notice was recently mailed with your November invoice.  It has information about the revised SDW surcharges we collect for the Safe Drinking Water loan repayment fund.  Thank you!

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