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A privately owned Class D water utility serving Bear Valley, California in Alpine County. LAWC is dedicated to being the best Class D water company in California by providing drinking water of the highest quality and knowledgeable and friendly customer service.    Read More →


Recent News and Updates

June Updates

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Surcharges: On this June invoice, you will notice a decrease in the Safe Drinking Water (SDWRF) surcharge. This monthly surcharge is used to repay the state for a low interest loan that funded the upgrades to the treatment plant in 2005. The surcharge will be on water bills through 2028. There is also a one-time regulatory surcharge. This will only be on the June 2018 invoice and is not a monthly surcharge. It is used to repay the company for lead and copper sampling expenses and state regulatory fees that were not included in the last general rate case. Bear Lake: Welcome to Summer! All BVRI members and their guests are welcome to enjoy recreational access to Bear Lake. To join BVRI, go to  Please leave your pets at home and Leave No Trace of your trash and food. Leak Repairs: This summer, we will be repairing leaks and valves on Fremont Road, John Ebbetts Road, Spring Cliff Road, and at BaseCamp. Thank you for your patience during water outages and road detours.

General Rate Case

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Lake Alpine Water Company has filed an advice letter with the California Public Utilities Commission to request an increase in service and metered use rates. Residential rates would increase from $851.56 per year to $1026.69 per year. The metered use rate requested increase is $7.54 per CCF from $6.36 per CCF. To review the request, click here.

Ongoing compliance for Disinfection Byproducts

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Lake Alpine Water System is in compliance and below the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for the disinfection byproducts of Haloacetic Acids (HAA) and Trihalomethanes (TTHM). This is a customer notice with GOOD news! The granular activated carbon (GAC) filter seems to be working well in reducing organics, the precursors for disinfection byproducts. As a result, we are back in compliance with low levels of HAA and TTHM byproducts. The decreasing trend is great news for your water quality and we will keep you posted on future results, too.

Sample Date (month/date/year): 7.7.17 10.12.17 1.3.18 4.4.18 MCL
HAA Site Averages 43.3 25.0 50.9 24.3 60.0
Sample Date (month/date/year): 7.7.17 10.12.17 1.3.18 4.4.18 MCL
TTHM Site Averages 35.5 17.7 33.3 19.3 80.0

Disinfection Byproducts Compliance

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With the success of the granulated activated carbon (GAC) in removing organic carbons, we are once again in compliance for disinfection byproducts. The GAC has been removing at least 40% of the organic carbons. These organics react with chlorine to form disinfection byproducts. The more organics we can remove prior to disinfection with chlorine, the less byproduct formation. This is great news for our water quality. We will continue to improve the GAC process in the coming months.

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