Spring Updates

Although we are hoping to avoid digging through the snow for repairs, we are still hard at work at the water company this winter.

After a recent cyber related incident at a treatment plant in Florida, our staff attended an informational webinar and contacted our vendors to upgrade our computer system and to improve the security of our remote access capabilities. Second-hand experience is a great and more lenient teacher than a first-hand incident!

Speaking of first-hand lessons, the plethora of power outages and extended PSPS events have brought to light some electrical and communication issues at the treatment plant and tanks. We are researching backup supplies and alternate strategies so that we are able to thoroughly monitor the system during longer power outages.

During 2020 all water quality samples were in compliance. The report is now available on the Water Quality page and will be mailed with the April invoices.

The granular activated carbon filter is working well to remove organics from the water thereby reducing the formation of disinfection byproducts. We have contracted with Waterworks Engineers to make this a more permanent part of our treatment process. Currently in the design phase, we are aiming for installation, along with structural improvements, to be completed in the summer of 2022.

Thank you for being great customers of LAWC and have an excellent spring!

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