September Updates

September Updates

CPI Increase: On this September invoice, you will notice an increase in both the service fee and the rate for metered water. They increased by 2.3%, the 2019 Consumer Price Index (CPI) margin approved the California Public Utilities Commission. This CPI increase did not affect either the Safe Drinking Water surcharge or the CPUC regulatory fee. Rates were last increased in December, 2018.

Bear Lake: As summer winds down, please remove your boats and floats from the shores of Bear Lake.

Leaks: Every autumn, just when we think we fixed all the leaks, something weeps up through the pavement. If you notice water where it wasn’t before, please contact us with the location so we can check it out. If you have received chronic leak alert notices this summer, please try to repair the issue before winter makes it worse.

We hope your family and friends are safe and healthy and enjoyed a playful summer in Bear Valley!

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