Notice of Public Hearing for Rate Increase

A public hearing has been scheduled for customers of Lake Alpine Water regarding its application to the California Public Utilities Commission to increase service rates.

In March 2024, Lake Alpine Water Company (LAWC) filed for authorization from the California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) through Advice Letter 142 to increase the water service charge by 11.1%.

The last general rate increase became effective October 11, 2018, by Resolution W-5175. The rates were subsequently adjusted in 2020, 2022, and 2023 by the Consumer Price Index.

Monthly Residential Changes

Quantity Rate:                                                        Present Rates        Proposed Rates

All usage per 100 cu.ft. (CCF)                                       $ 9.08                     $ 10.90

Residential Service Charge:                                                Present Rates                   Proposed Rates

For 5/8×3/4-inch meter                                                        $      99.63               $       110.69

For 1- inch meter                                                                 $    249.06               $       276.72


The Annual Service Charge is applicable to all metered services regardless of water use. The quantity rate is multiplied by metered water used and added to the service charge. All customers also pay the Safe Drinking Water State Fund surcharge, currently $24.07 per month per residence. This surcharge will expire in 2028. The Commission regulatory oversight fee is 0.07% of all these charges. 

The average bill for a metered residential customer consuming 2.0 CCF per month would increase from $142.85 to $157.65, or 10.4%.

Public Hearing

Lake Alpine Water Company and the California Public Utilities Commission will host a public hearing on Tuesday, August 6, 2024, at 5:30 PM in the Cathedral Lounge in the Bear Valley Lodge. This is an opportunity to ask questions about your water service and to discuss the rate request with the commission.

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