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Water Conservation and Drought: Please click on the link provided for a required notice from the State Water Resources Control Board and the California Public Utilities Commission regarding restricted water use.

Notice of State Water Resources Control Board Emergency Regulation to Control Water Use During Droughts


The #1 waste of water in this community is accidental leaking during opening and closing as you or your guests arrive or depart. The lost water can be over 100 CCF, 75,000 gallons, when the house valve is turned open but the drain is not turned closed.  Please remember the 2 step process for turning on and shutting off water at your house valves.  VALVE ON with DRAIN CLOSED and VALVE OFF with DRAIN OPEN be sure your guests have an easy to follow set of directions. We can catch a gushing house through a meter reading but that is usually 24 hours and 100 CCF too late!

Lake Update: Senate Bill 14 was signed by Governor Brown on Tuesday.  This means swimming is now legal!  Enjoy the final days of summer!  We thank Supervisor Terry Woodrow, Senator Gaines and his staff for working so hard on this bill on behalf of our community.