1. Spring Updates

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    Although we are hoping to avoid digging through the snow for repairs, we are still hard at work at the water company this winter.

    After a recent cyber related incident at a treatment plant in Florida, our staff attended an informational webinar and contacted our vendors to upgrade our computer system and to improve the security of our remote access capabilities. Second-hand experience is a great and more lenient teacher than a first-hand incident!

    Speaking of first-hand lessons, the plethora of power outages and extended PSPS events have brought to light some electrical and communication issues at the treatment plant and tanks. We are researching backup supplies and alternate strategies so that we are able to thoroughly monitor the system during longer power outages.

    During 2020 all water quality samples were in compliance. The report is now available on the Water Quality page and will be mailed with the April invoices.

    The granular activated carbon filter is working well to remove organics from the water thereby reducing the formation of disinfection byproducts. We have contracted with Waterworks Engineers to make this a more permanent part of our treatment process. Currently in the design phase, we are aiming for installation, along with structural improvements, to be completed in the summer of 2022.

    Thank you for being great customers of LAWC and have an excellent spring!

  2. Winter Season Updates

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    We hope your family and circle of friends were able to enjoy Bear Valley and Bear Lake this summer. Despite COVID-19 hurdles, we had an active summer in the field repairing leaks, replacing service laterals, rebuilding meter boxes and replacing parts on hydrants. We are looking forward to a white winter of delivering clean water and getting ready for next summer’s projects. For more details on Bear Lake and how you can help to keep our tanks full this winter, please click here.

  3. September Updates

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    September Updates

    CPI Increase: On this September invoice, you will notice an increase in both the service fee and the rate for metered water. They increased by 2.3%, the 2019 Consumer Price Index (CPI) margin approved the California Public Utilities Commission. This CPI increase did not affect either the Safe Drinking Water surcharge or the CPUC regulatory fee. Rates were last increased in December, 2018.

    Bear Lake: As summer winds down, please remove your boats and floats from the shores of Bear Lake.

    Leaks: Every autumn, just when we think we fixed all the leaks, something weeps up through the pavement. If you notice water where it wasn’t before, please contact us with the location so we can check it out. If you have received chronic leak alert notices this summer, please try to repair the issue before winter makes it worse.

    We hope your family and friends are safe and healthy and enjoyed a playful summer in Bear Valley!

  4. LAWC Rates increase by Consumer Price Index 2.3%

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    LAWC applied for and the California Public Utilities Commission approved an increase in service rates for water service. The increase accounts for the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 2.3%. New rate schedules are posted on the rates page. Based on the new rates, a singled family home with 2 CCF of water use per month will pay $130.98 instead of $128.62. The rates will be effective on the September invoices.

  5. 2019 Water Quality Report

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    The 2019 Water Quality Report is completed and ready for review.  You can see it here  and it is being mailed or emailed to customers with the May invoice.

  6. LAWC Response to COVID-19

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    I hope you and your family are healthy and making the best lemonade out of the current situation with Covid19. I want to share a few details about service continuity from Lake Alpine Water Company during this crisis.

    First, please be assured that our treatment of the water continues to provide virus inactivation so the water is Covid19 free and safe to drink and use.

    Second, water is an essential service, any day of the week or times, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone if there is any disruption to your service, if you have questions or if you notice anything unusual in the service area. Our staff is working their regular schedule and we can respond promptly.

    Third, we understand there may be disruptions to your work and income patterns and therefore, there may be delays or shortcomings in your family budget. Lake Alpine Water Company will not be charging late fees and will not initiate any shut off orders due to non-payment during these months when California is under the ‘stay-at-home- order. If you wish to request a payment plan or provide any updates about your account, please email me at

  7. Advice Letter 121 Filing to the CPUC

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    Lake Alpine Water Company (LAWC) is filing Advice Letter 121 with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

    This letter is a request by LAWC to the CPUC to recover the expenses recorded in the Memorandum Account set up to track legal expenses recorded between 2011 and 2016.

    We had previously filed Advice Letter 120 for the same endeavor, but we withdrew that filing to make some corrections. The updated filing is attached as Advice Letter 121.

    The filing is attached here for your review. Please contact me at 209-753-2409 or if you have questions.

  8. 2018 Water Quality Report

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    The 2018 Water Quality Report is completed and ready for review.  You can see it here  or it will be mailed or emailed to customers with the May invoice.

  9. Water Rates Approved by CPUC

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    On October 11, 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission approved the 2018 application for a revised and increase rate schedule.

    The rates will be effective on the December, 2018 invoices.

    To review the customer notice, click here.

    To review the new rates, click here.