Disinfection Byproduct Levels decreasing!

We are making good progress on our efforts to reduce disinfection byproducts in the drinking water. The granular activated carbon filter is effectively removing 60% or more of the organics which means they are not present to react with the chlorine. However, due to high levels in previous quarters, our water system did not meet the drinking water standard in the fourth quarter, October – December of 2017.

We monitor on a quarterly basis for the presence of drinking water contaminants including disinfection byproducts.  On October 12, 2017, results for Haloacetic Acids (HAA) were 25.0 parts per billion which is below the maximum contaminant level (MLC) of 60 parts per billion. However, due to
previous higher results, the annual average level of HAA was 73.5 parts per billion so a customer notice is necessary. For the full notice, click here.

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